The Sensapaedic® Mattress

Design and comfort

Especially designed for use with our beds, this 8” thick mattress-sensapaedic1Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) mattress follows the contours of the bed base like no other mattress. A superb system that responds independently and exactly to the sleepers weight and body movement, the high-density material incorporated into the mattress provides excellent support and orthopaedic benefits yet is supremely comfortable. This unique mattress system also provides further ventilation.


During an average nights sleep the human body produces a considerable amount of sweat, fat and skin flakes. This forms an ideal source of food for house dust mites meaning mattresses are a breeding ground for mites. Dust mites are problematic, not to mention unpleasant, because the allergen contained in the excrement of the mites can lead to allergic reactions and asthma. Bacteria can also lead to a bad odour and mould developing and could even lead to infection. This is why our Sensapaedic® mattress features a highly effective anti-allergenic treatment which helps to suppress dust mites and prevent the formation of fungus and bacteria. This process does not need to be re-applied and will remain effective for the lifespan of your mattress.

Weight distribution

No matter what your weight, shape or size the mattress shapes itself to your body, supporting the hollow in the small of your back, whilst cradling the hips and shoulders to reduce pressure points.


Available with our massage system built into the mattress – the last word in comfort and luxury.


Conveniently finished in a zipped removable washable cover.