5 Reasons Why An Adjustable Bed Will Instantly Improve Your Sleep

5 Reasons Why An Adjustable Bed Will Instantly Improve Your Sleep

If you struggle to drop off at night and wake up still feeling tired & aching, an adjustable bed could be exactly what you need. Not only can an adjustable bed help to improve your sleep, there are a whole host of other benefits too.

1.Temporary Positional Relief From Pain

For people who suffer from aches, pains and certain medical conditions, getting to sleep can become a real chore. Adjustable beds allow you to choose from a number of sleeping positions to ensure you have the support you need, where you need it. The position of your bed can be changed whenever you need to, should it need to be adjusted to a more comfortable position during the night. This helps to provide you with some much sought after positional relief from aches and pains, helping you to have a better quality of sleep for longer.

2. Getting In & Out Of Bed Made Easy

Another excellent benefit of adjustable beds is that they can help you to get in and out of your bed easier which is ideal for those with restricted mobility or weakness in their hands and limbs. By raising your torso first, it can be far easier to swing your legs out of bed and get into a standing position or to manoeuvre into a wheelchair. This can give more independence to those who would usually need the help of somebody else to get in or out of bed.

3. An undisturbed night’s sleep at last

While many people see adjustable beds being primarily for people with medical conditions, they actually provide a whole variety of benefits for people from all walks of life. If you struggle to get comfortable on your standard bed, why not explore the benefits being able to control your sleeping position has? With normal beds you are restricted to a horizontal sleeping position which can result in a bad nights sleep because you are constantly moving to get yourself comfortable. With an adjustable bed, you can move your bed at the touch of a button to take pressure away from sore areas, helping you to get better nights sleep.

4.Snore no more

If you snore, or are the unfortunate partner of someone who does, an adjustable bed will be your new best friend. By elevating your adjustable bed to a more upright position you help to open up your airways and relieve tightness of breath to reduce snoring. Be sleep deprived no more!

5. Customisable to your needs & requirements

Another wonderful feature of adjustable beds is the number of ways you can personalise your bed. Dual control beds are especially helpful for those who share their bed with a partner. By having the ability to control the position of your bed you can find your perfect position, without disturbing your partner by tossing and turning all night. You can also choose to add a relaxing massage option, reading lights and more (click here to see our handy range of accessories).

To find out more information on how an adjustable bed could improve your sleep, request a free colour brochure today.