7 Important Sleep Tips for over 50’s

7 Important Sleep Tips for over 50’s

Have you found that you find it harder to sleep as you’ve got older? If you have, you aren’t alone. Aging changes our sleeping patterns, making us more likely to experience disturbance at night and to wake up earlier in the morning.

New research released by the Global Council on Brain Health has demonstrated the importance of sleeping properly to remain well in later life. Adequate sleep protects us from developing a number of conditions including heart disease, diabetes & cancer.

So how can you ensure you get good nights sleep?

The experts gave a number of tips to help over-50s sleep better. This includes the following:

1. Seven a day keeps the doctor away

Getting your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep can help maintain your brain health.

2. Limit your afternoon nap

Everyone needs an afternoon nap now and then. Just make sure when you do, you stick to less than half an hour.

3. Set your alarm

Ensure that you wake up (and go to sleep) at the same time each day to ensure you have a regular sleep wake cycle.

4. No afternoon coffee

Restrict coffee intake to the morning only. Coffee and Tea contain caffeine, which acts a stimulant, preventing you from being able to sleep. If you like it, you could always try decaffeinated coffee instead.

5. Get some fresh air

Expose yourself to some natural sunlight in the day. This helps to set your body clock.

6. Avoid cold feet

Make sure you wear socks to keep your feet warm whilst you are in bed

7. No pets allowed

If your furry companion tends to wake you in the night, likes to accompany you to bed,

In sum, to make sure you stay well, mentally and physically in later life, make your sleep a priority. If you think that  a new adjustable bed could help you sleep better at night, start by requesting a free colour brochure today.