Tired of feeling tired? Here’s how an adjustable bed could help

Tired of feeling tired? Here’s how an adjustable bed could help

Imagine sleeping so comfortably at night that you wake up feeling revitalised and refreshed in the morning.

With an adjustable bed from The Adjustable Bed Factory, you’ll sleep soundly and comfortably throughout the night, so you can wake up feeling energised to enjoy the next day. If you’re tired of feeling tired, read on to see how an adjustable bed could help you sleep better at night:

Sleeping no longer has to be flat

One reason why you may be experiencing poor sleep is that you feel uncomfortable. This is largely because your body isn’t being properly supported throughout the night. The great news is an adjustable be intelligently responds to your comfort preferences so you can find your favourite sleep position for a full nights snooze. Why should you settle with lying flat when you could lie in so many other comfortable positions?!

adjustable bed

One bed doesn’t fit all

Your age, health and physical ailments can all influence the type of position you need to sleep in at night. Here at The Adjustable Bed Factory we understand that one bed doesn’t fit all, which is why our beds are crafted to your exact measurements and sleep preferences:

  • A choice of mattress types: Whether you prefer firm or soft, our mattresses come in a variety of types to suit your individual comfort preferences.
  • Flexible range of positions: An adjustable bed does exactly what it says on the tin! It can be adjusted into a range of positions, whether you need help sitting up, lying down, or need to lie with your feet or head raised, an adjustable bed can help.
  • Dual control options: If you sleep in the same bed as a partner, you may find that you prefer to sleep differently. Choosing a dual control bed means not only can you choose a different firmness of mattress, you can choose a different position to sleep in too.

Snore no more

If you’re one of the 15 million people in the UK whose sleep is affected by snoring, an adjustable bed could help with this too. Snoring is caused by the muscles in your nose relaxing which causes airways to narrow leading to the snoring. With an adjustable bed the ability to lift the head of the bed means your head is in the best position to reduce snoring.

Choose An Adjustable Bed for a Better Nights Sleep

Restful sleep is critical to your overall health. Adjustable beds help you to find your ideal sleeping position, so you can fall to sleep quicker, stay asleep longer and wake more refreshed in the morning. For more information on how an adjustable bed could improve your sleep, request a free brochure today or click here to view our range of adjustable beds online.