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Are Adjustable Beds Comfortable?

Aug 31, 2018 | Advice

A common question our customers want to know is, are adjustable beds comfortable? In the past few years, sales of adjustable beds have grown exponentially. From providing temporary positional relief from arthritic pain to helping those with backache and insomnia, adjustable beds can really help you to achieve a better night’s sleep. But are they comfortable?

Firstly, what are Adjustable Beds?

Unlike sleeping on a flat bed, Adjustable beds have an electronic mechanism in its base. This can be moved with a simple touch of a control into a variety of different sleeping positions.

So, are Adjustable Beds Comfortable?

When it comes to night time comfort, an adjustable bed really is in a league of its own. Why would you move your body to suit your bed, when you can move your bed to suit your body?

Your body and spine are curved not flat. If you sleep on a flat mattress, gaps are created between your body and the mattress and you are left without support in those areas. As a result, your muscles need to provide the support, meaning increased fatigue as well as aches and pains upon waking – if you get to sleep at all that is!

An adjustable bed allows you to achieve a comfortable sleeping position that provides the correct support to your body and spine. Plus they help to distribute weight evenly across your body, thereby avoiding pressure sores – especially important if, through illness, injury or disability, you spend long periods in bed.

Plus if you need help getting out of bed, raising the back all the way up will give you the extra support you need to make things a little easier.

Sleep with a partner? Split your mattress.

If you and your partner sleep differently, your answer could be a dual adjustable bed. With two twin-size mattresses that can be raised and lowered independently of each other on top of one adjustable base, your sleep will be more comfortable than ever before!

Adjustable beds are infinitely comfortable

Having a comfortable bed with the flexibility to can be a huge benefit for people who struggle to sleep at night.

It can allow them to find a more comfortable position to watch television, read, or use a laptop if they find themselves unable to get to sleep. Plus, it may help them to feel more relaxed and more likely to fall asleep than if they were sitting up in an armchair or sofa.

How to find out more

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