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7 Tips For Finding the Best Bed for the Disabled

Jun 3, 2020 | Advice

Discover how to choose the best bed for the disabled in our latest post.

If you are reading this, fantastic! You’ve taken the first steps in appreciating the positive difference an appropriate bed for the disabled can have on your sleep.

With a correctly fitted bed for the disabled, you’ll not only fall to sleep faster, you’ll sleep more deeply and stay asleep for longer too. This means that you’ll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

7 Tips For Finding the Best Bed for the Disabled

If a disability is preventing you from manoeuvring yourself into comfortable sleeping or resting positions in bed, then our British made, high quality adjustable beds could be the answer.

With so many companies to choose from, choosing the best bed for the disabled can feel a little daunting. The good news is there are some simple things to consider which can help make your choices easier.

1. Fitted To You & Your Needs

Firstly, you should look for a bed fitted to your individual needs.

Whether its backache, joint pain or something else, a bespoke adjustable bed can ensure you are provided you with some temporary positional relief while you sleep.

Our adjustable beds are built to ensure you are correctly supported along all points of your body. This helps you to enjoy some temporary positional relief for you to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Why not check out our positioning guide to discover how else an adjustable bed could help you? 

best bed for the disabled

2. Helps You Get In & Out of Bed With Ease

Secondly, if you find the task of getting in and out of a normal bed difficult, an adjustable bed makes it easy and effortless.

Using the simple-to-operate hand-held electric control, our powered beds adjust your body position smoothly and effortlessly, offering you supreme comfort, correct support and helping you to get more of the rejuvenating sleep you need.

3. Consider Your Level of Disability

Certain disabilities naturally cause you to have to spend more time in bed than others. Additionally, the best bed for the disabled should adapt to your needs over time should your disability worsen.

The Adjust4Sleep Medical bed, for example, is fully height adjustable as well. This means it can be raised and lowered providing easy access for caring needs.


Hi-lo adjustable bed for disabled

4. Don’t Forget The Mattress!

A frame should not be considered in isolation when finding the best bed for the disabled.

An orthopedic mattress, for instance, can really help to provide those who are disabled with the support and comfort they need. Check out our range of specialist mattresses here.

5. Financial Support

If you need a specialist bed due to your disability, or it will help you to live independently at home, you may be eligible to get one through your local authority. Your first step should be book an assessment through your local council.

You may also be eligible for VAT exemption which could save you 20%. Please click here for further information.

6. Can you Have a Home Demonstration?

There are local and national retailers near the town high street but they aren’t always the easiest to get to. Especially if you have a disability.

As you know, the trend for shopping is increasingly moving away from expensively run shops and towards a more personal experience from reputable online retailers.

At The Adjustable Bed Factory you can choose to have a home consultation where our adjustable beds are demonstrated in the comfort of your own home by experienced product specialists.

7. Look for Experience

Trust in quality too. As a general rule of thumb, look for well-established names with decades of experience, especially if they have good reviews from other happily satisfied customers.

In short, the best recommendations come from people who are looking for the same comfort and support that you are.

Start your search for the best bed for the disabled today

For an electric adjustable bed that could make living with a disability just a little easier, call us today for more information or to arrange a free home demonstration on 0800 988 2898.

Disclaimer: A medical professional will be able to advise you on the best bed for their needs. So, ensure you consult  your doctor before making a purchase.

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