Adjustable Beds- Who Could Benefit?

Adjustable Beds- Who Could Benefit?

Adjustable beds provide a brilliant way to maintain your mobility and independence, providing a number of important health benefits. We’ve outlined 5 health benefits to help you decide if an adjustable bed could be a good purchase for you.

Health Benefits of Adjustable beds

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, an adjustable bed could help you sleep better at night:

Back Ache

Back pain can cause you to struggle falling to sleep at night. An adjustable bed could be exactly what you need. Elevating your chest and head can help to alleviate back pain by reducing compression & tension in your joints (which causes you to feel stiff when you wake up). Mother of two Sharon describes how an adjustable bed has helped her back pain here


If you suffer from arthritis, adjustable beds can help you get a more comfortable nights sleep by distributing your body weight evenly, reducing pressure points.

Circulatory problems

Poor circulation can cause swelling, especially in your legs and feet. If you suffer from circulatory problems an adjustable bed can be used to elevate the affected area. This increases blood flow and reduces swelling & discomfort.


If your have difficulty breathing, adjustable beds allow you to raise your neck and chest which keeps your airway clear of fluid. Lying in a raised position also decreases the amount of gravity on your chest which makes breathing easier for you at night.

Post Surgery Healing

Adjustable beds can be a great help to you if you are recovering from surgery at home. At the simple touch of a button the bed can ease you up to a sitting position for you to get out of bed. It can also carefully lower you into a resting position, putting little strain on your body.

Acid Reflux

If acid reflux or heartburn keeps you awake at night, altering the position you are sleeping in can be a great help. At the simple touch of a button an adjustable bed raises your head and chest to a more elevated position giving you relief.


To find out how an adjustable bed could benefit you, get in touch with our team today or click here to browse our adjustable beds online.