The Strange Sleeping Habits of Animals

The Strange Sleeping Habits of Animals

We humans are quite predictable when it comes to our sleeping habits. The majority of us fall asleep and wake up at the same time each morning. However, when looking at the sleeping habits of animals, they are quite the opposite, and have some very unique sleep patterns indeed. Here are some of them…

Chimps pick the bed which gives them the best sleep

Recent studies have found that that chimpanzees don’t just choose any old tree to sleep in, but actually select the type of tree that will give them the most firm and stable place to sleep. They’re also fussy about the type of branch they sleep on, with 7/10 chimps choosing Ugandan ironwood.

The sleepiest animal may surprise you…

The little brown bat sleeps upside down for 20 hours out of the day. Being nocturnal certainly has its benefits!

Frogs get through winter by using their own special animal antifreeze

When ice forms inside them, high levels of glucose in their organs prevent them from freezing so their heart keeps beating. When spring arrives they simply defreeze and come back to life! Incredible!

Cows like to sleep close to their families

and their sleeping arrangements are determined by their position in the social hierarchy.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open and half their brain asleep

To ensure their safety, dolphins have evolved the ability to sleep unihemishperically so they are able to keep an eye open to look out for danger.


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