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4 Useful Tips For Sharing A Bed After 60

Feb 26, 2019 | Advice

That awkward sleep scenario, we all know it.  We appreciate being able to sleep next to our partner, it’s something we know not to take for granted, especially as we get older. The issue is, as we age, sleep is increasingly important and sharing a bed with your partner can be, if we are being honest, both a blessing and a curse. With recent studies showing more and more couples choosing to sleep separately we want to know what can be done to improve sharing a bed after 60?

1. Is My Bed Big Enough?

It’s true. When it comes to beds, bigger is always better. In fact up-sizing can literally change your sleeping habits completely.

If you find that you are constantly bumping into your partner, or they are in your way a larger bed will provide you with more room to get comfortable. It also means if you do need to move position, you are less likely to disturb each other’s sleep. 

2. The Firmness Debate…

Your mattress is lovely and soft, heavenly for you; your partner on the other hand is uncomfortable, losing sleep and constantly waking up with aches and pains.

What are your options? Well pushing 2 single beds together and having your own mattress choices could be one option. Another more long term solution could be to consider a dual adjustable bed. Read more in point 3. 

Problems sharing a bed after 60

3. Consider an Adjustable Bed

One solution to save your sleeping troubles is to explore the many benefits an electric adjustable bed can provide you.

  • With a dual adjustable bed (pictured below) you can adjust each side of the bed individually to provide you with the best level of support and comfort. You can even choose different levels of firmness to suit you and your partners individual preferences. 
  • Get temporary positional relief from aches and pains, so you can sleep better throughout the night
  • If your partner is a snorer, raising the head section can help to open airways, reducing the problem

4. The Duvet Thief

Your partner may not purposely steal the quilt, yet it doesn’t make it any less disrupting to your sleep, or irritating.  

If you find that you are constantly waking up cold in the middle of the night because of a lack of duvet, there is a solution. Separate layers.

Getting separate layers- so one top sheet, a quilt or blanket, makes it harder for your partner to steal. It also gives you complete control over at least one part of sleeping.

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