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Your Made-To-Measure Brand New Adjustable Bed

Step Inside Our British Factory

Our beautiful range of Adjustable Beds are a true labour of love. Each bed is individually hand crafted in our British factory, in the heart of the West Midlands, by a team of highly skilled craftsmen, upholsterers and seamstresses.

Let us take you behind the scenes at our factory and see the time and craft which goes into each and every one of the Adjustable Beds we make.

The Adjustable Bed Factory Journey

Looking for an affordable adjustable bed hand made to your needs? Here is what to expect when you contact us The Adjustable Bed Factory. In our short animated video we explain everything you need to know about our trusted service – from your first telephone enquiry to installation at home.

Watch Sharon’s Story

Mother of two Sharon suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare condition which effects her tendons, bones and skin tissue.

Sharon was suffering from disturbance to her sleep and decided to invest in an Adjustable Bed Factory bed to help her sleep better at night. In the video, Sharon explains how beneficial the bed has become after only 3 months and wishes she invested in one years ago.

Finally Wake Up Refreshed

If you’re finding it difficult to get in and out of bed, or often experience an uncomfortable night’s sleep, then an adjustable bed could be exactly what you need.

Designed to help you find that ideal position for a perfect night’s sleep, you’ll not only experience incredible support and comfort all night long, you’ll wake up feeling completely refreshed.