Adjustable Bed Accessories

We spend half our lives in bed, so why not make your adjustable bed a luxury. Sleep better with your adjustable bed by adding accessories. Designed by our experts using innovative technology, our accessories ensure you get the best nights sleep.

built in massage

Built-in Massage System

Full body or concentrated massage

Control intensity of massage with remote

Optional wireless control

To make going to bed even more of a treat, take advantage of our optional built-in bed massaging system. We highly recommend that you experience the effects of massage with your adjustable bed as it can provide many benefits as well as the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.


USB Charging Port

Built into side of bed

Convenient charging

Charge phone or tablet

Built into the side of the bed, the USB charging point offers a convenient place to charge phones, tablets or any other technology without the need to plug it into the mains wall.

Reading light

Reading Light

Easy to adjust

Focus light onto book for reading

Built into the headboard

The ideal way to settle down in your adjustable bed and read a good book, our reading lights are built into your headboard can be positioned to create the perfect focus light for reading.


Matching Ottoman

Choose from 100s fabrics and match to your bed

Available as plain or textured with button detail

Ideal for storing bed linen and cushions

Complete your bedroom look with a customised matching storage ottoman. Perfect for storing bed linen, position at the end of the bed and maximise storage space. This is made to measure and can be made to match your bed colour and material.

sensor light

Sensor Light

Motion activated lights

Light for when you need it the most

Built into the underside of bed

Available on select beds, sensor lights are built into the base of the bed and switch on when they sense movement This is ideal to keep you safe at night from dangerous trips and falls in the dark.


Built-in Storage

Built into bed frame base

Ideal storage for bed linen

Maximise storage space

Maximise storage space in your bedroom with built in drawers. These are ideal for small spaces and help utilise every inch of storage. Keep bed linen organised with custom built drawers.


Headboard Options

 Several headboard options available

Available as plain or textured with button detail

Make your adjustable bed stand out

Complete your bedroom look with a customised matching headboard in your chosen style and design. Choose from 4 different options to make your bed stand out.

wireless handset

Wireless Remote

Control your bed without constraint of wire

Infrared Technology

Save the hassle of tangled wires and opt for our wireless handset option. Use the bed controls without the constraint of wires with our modern technology.


Guardsman Stain Protection

Protects mattress from accidental stains 

Extends life of new adjustable bed

Peace of mind for years to come

Once you’ve picked your new adjustable bed, you’ll want to keep it looking great for years ahead. If the worst should happen and your new bed is stained or accidentally damaged, it needs to be put right fast, hassle free and without paying out more money. That’s where a Guardsman Protection Plan can help.


We have mattress options that fit our beds, with different levels of support. Our sensapaedic® mattress range is a memory foam mattress that shapes itself to your body shape.

sensapaedic mattress

Sensapaedic® Mattress

Different grades for your firmness preference

Available in a number of different levels of support and thickness

Thick Advanced Polymer Technology supports body fully

Designed specifically for our adjustable beds

Using memory foam technology, the Sensapeadic mattress creates a feeling of weightlessness as it shapes itself to your body. It supports the small of your back whilst cradling your hips and shoulders - reducing pressure points, ideal for those who have aches and pains.

This 8 inch thick mattress is available in different levels of density to suit your body's needs and preferences. This memory foam mattress combined with our adjustable beds creates a luxurious nights sleep.

The Sensapeadic mattress can be used with our built-in massage system.