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Feel Better With An Adjustable Bed Factory Bed

Jul 31, 2018 | Health & Wellbeing

Sleep is one of the largest influences on our mood, health and our general ability to take on the day ahead. With a better nights sleep you’ll have more energy, feel less groggy and be able to enjoy your whole day. Read on to discover how an Adjustable bed factory bed can improve your sleep, and life, for the better.

Say Goodbye to Those Aches & Pains

Beds, mattresses and broken sleep are a major cause of aches and pains throughout the day. Deeper, more restful sleep and less movement in bed has been shown to greatly decrease, or sometimes even prevent, sore joints and muscles.

That’s where an adjustable bed can make a huge difference. Adjusting your bed to the most comfortable position removes pressure from painful joints, allowing them to rest at night so pain is reduced and mobility is increased the following day.

Sleep better with an Adjustable Bed Factory bed

Get More Sleep At Night

As we age, we tend to sleep less and wake up earlier. While we should be getting closer to 8 hours sleep every night, many people tend to get less than 6 hours.

In normal, non-adjusting beds, you are limited to lying in a horizontal position, which doesn’t provide adequate support or reduce pressure in painful areas of your body which can wake you up. With an Adjustable bed factory bed, you can raise the top or bottom section, which reduces pressure, helping you get better quality sleep.

Wake Up Less

Do you find that you wake up throughout the night? Moving in bed is the single biggest cause of broken sleep and is mainly caused by your bed. Poor support, lack of comfort and being at the wrong temperature all cause fidgeting, tossing and turning. This movement breaks your sleep and, for many, wakes you up.

An adjustable bed factory bed can help to temporarily reduce aches and improve mobility, which can really improve people’s independence and well-being, especially important as people get older.

Feel Like The Best Version Of You

More energy, clearer thinking and the happiest version of you. We’re great believers in better sleep, and the value that sleep has in your life.

If you’d like to treat yourself to a better nights sleep you can call us anytime on 0800 988 2898, 7 days a week, to see how an Adjustable Bed Factory bed could help you sleep and feel better.

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