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The Pocket Sprung Mattress

Designed to help you get to sleep quicker & stay asleep for longer

Sleep better every night

Pocketed spring mattresses are universally recognised as providing excellent levels of support, comfort and orthopaedic benefits

Specially designed for use with our beds, this 10” thick pocket sprung mattress combines pockets of fabric and springs which allow you to enjoy a comfortable and supportive night’s rest

Perfect for those people who sleep with a partner, as the individual springs prevent ‘roll together’ – a common cause of sleep disturbance

Inside the Pocket Sprung Mattress

  1. Polyester 500 gram
  2. Polyester 750 gram
  3. Saturn Pad 750 gsm
  4. Polyester 500 gram
  5. Polyester 750 gram
  6. Saturn Pad 750 gsm

 Contains individual springs cushioned in their own pockets of material, which helps to provide support across all of the contours of your body

The springs in the head and foot section have a parallel formation giving more gentle support to your head and lower legs

 Covered with layers of soft, resilient, non-allergenic polyester fibre and are then clothed in a hard-wearing damask ticking

Soft to the touch upholstery

The mattress is then tufted in the traditional manner, which ensures the generous quantities of filling remain in place throughout the life of the mattress

Finally strong flag stitch handles are fitted for ease of turning

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