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Top 7 Ways An Adjustable Bed Can Lead to a Healthier You

Jan 31, 2019 | Health & Wellbeing

An adjustable bed is more than just a place to sleep. It’s an entire system that can customise to your exact sleep requirements. As active members of The National Bed Federation we are passionate about raising the awareness of the benefits of a properly fitted bed.

The right bed and mattress play a key role in helping you sleep better. A good night’s sleep is not only the best way to recharge your batteries, but it can help support good health and well being, too. In fact, a lack of sleep can put you at increased risk of a number of conditions including stroke and heart disease.

So if you’re not enjoying enough restful sleep, it could be time for a new bed. Read on to discover 7 top ways an adjustable bed could lead to a happier, healthier you.  

1. Enjoy More Hours of Sleep Every Night

Did you know as you get older, you actually require the same amount of sleep as you did when you were a young adult? Approximately 8 hours per night.

Unfortunately, many older adults get much less than this. One reason is that they have difficulties falling asleep because their bed is no longer fit for purpose (take our test to see how your bed fares). You may find yourself having to toss and turn to find a comfortable position, or propping pillows up to provide you with better support in bed, leaving you feeling far from relaxed.

With an adjustable bed you can find a comfortable position at the touch of a button. Simply raise the head and feet bottom slightly and you can finally enjoy a great nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

2.Say Goodbye To Snoring!

Are you the unfortunate partner of a snorer? Or are you the culprit yourself? Either way, we all know the effect it can have on our sleep.

An adjustable bed can really help put an end to those sleepless nights. By raising the head section of your adjustable bed, oxygen can flow more freely, reducing the vibrations in your nose and throat which leads to snoring. Finally, problem solved!  

3.Temporary Positional Relief From Aches & Pains

A poorly fitted bed and mattress can be a major cause of aches and pains throughout the day. That’s where an adjustable bed can help. Having the flexibility to choose your sleeping position provides the support where you need it.

For those who suffer from back pain, elevating the foot section of an adjustable bed can help distribute your weight more evenly, reducing pressure on your spine.    

An adjustable bed can also provide temporary positional relief from the painful inflammation of arthritic joints. By adjusting your position in bed, you can relieve pressure and properly support the joints that are causing you pain.

4.Help to Prevent Acid Reflux With An Adjustable Bed

Beat the burn of acid reflux with an Adjustable Bed. By elevating your upper body gravity can work in your favour, helping to keep acid reflux at bay.

5. Improved Circulation

If you suffer from the side effects of poor circulation, an Adjustable bed could help. Swollen feet or legs can be raised which helps to reduce pressure, reducing swelling and helping you to sleep more comfortably at night.

6. Explore the Benefits of Massage!

Why pay for someone to give you a massage, when your bed can do it!

Massage can be a brilliant way to soothe muscles and relax at the end of the day. At the simple touch of a button you can choose from a variety of settings to soothe you to sleep.  Find out more about our luxury massage system by clicking here. 

7. Simply Sit Back and Relax!

Among all the wonderful benefits of an adjustable bed, there is something really special about unwinding at the end of the day in your bed. You may enjoy reading your book or perhaps you prefer watching some Television. Either way, you can relax with ease in an adjustable bed. No more pillow propping, you can easily move your bed so your head is raised and even lift your feet up to reduce pressure.

Relaxing in bed has never been more comfortable!

Be The Best You, Everyday.

In sum, an adjustable bed can drastically change the way you sleep and feel the following day. To learn more about how our adjustable beds could lead to a happier, healthier you, view our range of Adjustable Beds here, or get in touch today.

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