High quality electric reclining beds at factory direct prices!

Welcome to the Adjustable Bed Factory, the home of British made, high quality electric reclining beds. At the Adjustable Bed Factory you buy direct – we don’t have shops or dealers so we keep our costs down meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of a luxury, hand-crafted adjustable electric bed at factory prices.

Adjust your bed to get perfect comfort and support
Chair position - head and feet raised
Head and feet raised
Raised feet
Feet raised
Contour position
Contour position

Orthopaedic benefits of adjustable beds

With a simple to use cabled handset, our beds adjust your sleeping position easily to suit your needs, offering you supreme comfort and correct support resulting in a better night’s sleep. Particularly good news if you are disabled, elderly or have mobility problems as a reclining bed may offer you orthopaedic benefits.

An adjustable electric bed can offer temporary positional relief from many ailments including back ache, aching joints, orthopaedic and arthritic pain. Improving positional comfort may provideorthopaedic support allowing you to have a more rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Unlike cheap, sub-standard imports, our powered adjustable beds are crafted with attention to every last detail and built to last, meeting or exceeding all current safety standards. Add in an on-site warranty and we think you’ll agree that our beds are exceptionally good value!

Call us today for more information or to arrange a free home demonstration on 0800 988 2898 and find out how dealing direct means paying less!

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