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High quality electric reclining beds at factory direct prices!

Welcome to the Adjustable Bed Factory, the home of British made, high quality electric reclining beds. At the Adjustable Bed Factory you buy direct – we don’t have shops or dealers so we keep our costs down meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of a luxury, hand-crafted adjustable electric bed at factory prices.

Adjust your bed to get perfect comfort and support
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Orthopaedic benefits of adjustable beds

With a simple to use cabled handset, our beds adjust your sleeping position easily to suit your needs, offering you supreme comfort and correct support resulting in a better night’s sleep. Particularly good news if you are disabled, elderly or have mobility problems as a reclining bed may offer you orthopaedic benefits.

An adjustable electric bed can offer temporary positional relief from many ailments including back ache, aching joints, orthopaedic and arthritic pain. Improving positional comfort may provideorthopaedic support allowing you to have a more rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Unlike cheap, sub-standard imports, our powered adjustable beds are crafted with attention to every last detail and built to last, meeting or exceeding all current safety standards. Add in an on-site warranty and we think you’ll agree that our beds are exceptionally good value!

Call us today for more information or to arrange a free home demonstration on 0800 988 2898 and find out how dealing direct means paying less!

Lastest news

Does counting sheep really help you to fall asleep?

Counting sheep has traditionally been used as a way of overcoming insomnia, with references dating back to more than 150 years ago. Normal advice is to picture a line of sheep jumping over a fence one by one keeping a tally as they go- but will this process really help you fall to sleep faster or is it just folklore? One theory is that the idea originated when early sheep herders couldn’t get to sleep at night because they were worried about all of the sheep in their field. They would relax by counting the herd up to make sure they were all safe. Does this work in a modern day situation with modern farmers? An animal scientist, who works at the USDA’s Sheep Experiment Station and counts real sheep in day to day life, was asked whether the task induces sleepiness. His response: “I tried counting sheep once when i couldn’t sleep and no, it didn’t help me fall asleep … It’s hard to imagine sheep jumping a fence because it’s not something they do unless you don’t want them to….” Sleep scientists have discovered that imagining a pleasant and relaxing scene will help induce sleepiness better than counting sheep. Harvey & Payne (2001)  asked 50 insomniacs to try different distraction techniques on certain nights, to see which helped them fall asleep more quickly. One group conjured up a tranquil and relaxing scene such as a waterfall or being on holiday, while a second were asked to think of a distraction such as counting sheep. A third group were left to their own devices. On average, those picturing a relaxing scene fell asleep over 20 minutes earlier...

Does cheese really give you nightmares?

An often cited warning before bed time is to avoid cheese as it gives you nightmares, but is there any evidence to prove this? A study by the British Cheese Board investigated this question in 2005, with some very interesting results… The first finding of the study was that no, eating cheese before bed won’t increase your risk of having nightmares. The team tested this by giving 100 male and 100 female participants 20 grams of cheese half an hour before they went to bed. This was done over the course of a week, and each participant was assigned to one of six types of British cheese – Stilton, Cheddar, Red Leicester, British Brie, Lancashire and Cheshire. The participants were asked to record everything they remembered about their dreams and how well they slept as soon as they woke up the next morning. The team reported that 67% of the participants remembered their dreams, but not a single one could remember having a nightmare. They believed that this was likely to have been caused by the presence of tryptophan, an essential amino acid found in milk which is helpful in normalising sleep and reducing stress levels. Do different cheeses give people different types of dreams? The study also found that around 85% of female participants who were given a piece of Stilton before bed reported having crazy, vivid dreams including “talking soft toys, a vegetarian crocodile upset because it could not eat children, dinner party guests being traded for camels, soldiers fighting with each other with kittens instead of guns, and a party in a lunatic asylum”! Red Leicester, on...

New research into consumer attitudes to mattress purchases

The European Bedding Industries Association (EBIA) have just published the results of their latest research into consumers’ attitudes towards mattresses with some very interesting results. KEY FINDINGS 1. SLEEP IS CRITICAL  The UK tops the league of people who do not feel they get enough sleep at 45%. Additionally, 22% of the UK are dissatisfied with their quality of sleep with only the French being less satisfied at 30%. The main factor disturbing sleep for UK respondents was noise (26%) followed by stress (21%). 2. REPLACEMENT BARRIERS REMAIN Only 35% of the UK replaced their mattress in 6-10 years compared to 43% of Europeans, although 56% and 54% respectively thought that 6-10 years was the right time period. 28% of the UK thought that less than 5 years was the right period to replace a mattress compared to only 15% of Europeans. Click here to find out why it is important to replace your mattress every XX years 3. PRICE PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE 60% of Europeans are willing to pay between £360 – £720 for a double mattress compared to only 50% of the UK. 37% of Europeans thought that this was a fair price to pay for a double mattress compared to only 33% of the UK. In practice 34% of Europeans and 30% of UK actually spent this amount. 4. INTERNET USE HAS SOARED  Compared to the 2011 European report, online research prior to purchase has soared from 20% to 34%. Online purchases accounted for 16% in the UK, much more than other European countries at 12%. Whilst 25-39 year olds consider buying online more than the other age-groups,...

The impact of cold weather on sleep

As Autumn makes way for winter, the cold weather can affect our health in a number of ways. For example, cases of cold and flu normally increase in winter and there are usually higher incidences of trips and falls due to the icy and slippery conditions. In addition to these issues, have you ever considered what impact the cold weather has on our sleeping patterns? During these colder months, you may discover that your sleep is interrupted or disturbed. Medical studies have shown that the impact of cold weather on sleep is directly proportional to the time spent in the cold. The human body has a natural ability to adapt to the weather but the sleep we experience during colder weather is generally unstable. Reasons for this include an increased need to urinate, more stress hormones in the body and a rise in blood pressure which is usually at its lowest level during sleep. This goes some way to explaining the rise in infections during winter. It has been recognised that although cold weather does not affect the deep stages of sleep, it reduces REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The REM stage of sleep is vital in helping the brain to relax and helps clear the mind. It also enhances concentration levels during the next day. Your sleep environment With sleep being so vital to our health and well-being, what can be done to alleviate the impact of the impending cold weather? Firstly, ensure a higher room temperature and keep your body warm throughout the night with warm sleepwear. This should help prevent aches and pains which often occur if...

The Adjustable Bed Factory expand its collection

We are delighted to be announcing the successful launch of our brand new range of adjustable beds! Our new designer ranges of adjustable beds include the following: The Paris The Paris is a classical Sleigh bed with a contemporary twist. Shown here in a pastiche fabric with stylish diamante button detailing on the head and foot board, The Paris will work equally well in a modern or more traditional design scheme.  Made to the highest standards, The Paris is sure to create a stunning focal point in any bedroom.   The Rochelle The clean, striking looks of The Rochelle accentuate the functional, modern styling that makes this bed truly stand out from the crowd. The beautiful upholstered headboard with button detailing gives The Rochelle a soft, luxurious, and decorative finish. It comes with beautiful chrome feet which will make a real statement in your bedroom.   The Virginia The Virginia is a traditional metal bedstead finished in black with delicate sculpted detailing and solid brass finials and rails to the head and foot section. Complete with five piece, fully adjustable action with beech wood, rubber mounted slatted base, this adjustable bed would make a compelling centrepiece in your bedroom. The Marseille The padded panelled detailed headboard of  The Marseille is perfect to relax on whilst reading a book or watching your favourite television program. Coming with distinctive chrome blocked legs, you can be sure that The Marseille will look beautifully stylish in your bedroom.     The Montpellier Refurbish the interior of your bedroom with a hint of grace by choosing The Montpellier. Luxuriously upholstered with a beautiful headboard design and featuring stylish...

World Alzheimer’s Day: Look out for early signs

September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day, a day in which Alzheimer’s organisations around the world concentrate their efforts on raising awareness about the disease, as well as Dementia.   As we get older, we may find that memory loss becomes a problem. It’s normal for our memory to be affected by age, stress, tiredness, or certain illnesses and medications. This can be annoying if it happens occasionally, but if it’s affecting your daily life or is worrying you or someone you know, it may be a good idea to talk to your GP about the early signs of dementia. What is dementia? Dementia is a common condition. Your risk of developing dementia increases as you get older, and the condition usually occurs in people over the age of 65. Dementia is a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) associated with an ongoing decline of the brain and its abilities. This includes problems with: Memory loss Thinking speed Mental agility Language Understanding Judgement How common is dementia? According to the Alzheimer’s Society there are around 800,000 people in the UK with dementia. One in three people over 65 will develop dementia, and two-thirds of people with dementia are women. The number of people with dementia is increasing because people are living longer. 225,000 people will develop dementia this year (that’s one every three minutes). It is estimated that by 2021, the number of people with dementia in the UK will have increased to around 1 million. Why is it important to get a diagnosis? An early diagnosis can help people with dementia get the right treatment and support, and help those close...

Factors to consider when buying a new bed

Buying the correct bed is detrimental to having a good night’s sleep. Save yourself from bad nights sleep with our top tips for buying a new bed:   Work out your budget You get what you pay for, both in terms of product and service – so spend as much as you can afford. Here at The Adjustable Bed Factory we have number of beds available to suit your individual budget needs and requirements. Measure Not all bed sizes are standardised so make sure you double check the measurements, especially if you are buying your bed and mattress from separate companies. Prioritize Decide what your priorities and concerns are in advance, common things to consider are: Price Health related requirements Storage Access getting in and out Aesthetics If you or your partner have health related requirements such as aching joints, breathing difficulties or arthritis, our adjustable beds can offer you temporary relief from discomfort as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Think big Larger beds are more comfortable and you’re less likely to disturb your partner. Our beds come in a variety of sizes to suit your individual preferences. Try together, buy together If you are buying a bed for the two of you, make sure you try it together to ensure both of you are satisfied. NBF Approved Look out for the NBF seal of approval. At the Adjustable Bed Factory we are member of the NBF meaning you can be reassured that the bed you are buying is safe, clean and honestly made.   Take a look at the Adjustable Bed Factorys collection of Adjustable beds here...

Queen Elizabeth II Becomes Longest-Reigning UK Monarch

 Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain’s longest-reigning  monarch later today when she passes the record set by her  great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria came to the throne aged 18 and died in 1901  when she was 81. Today, the Queen will have reigned for 63  years and seven months – calculated at 23,226 days, 16 hours  and approximately 30 minutes at about 17:30 BST. (Source) Celebrations will be held throughout the day with church bells ringing out across the country and business in the House of Commons will be postponed for half an hour so MPs can pay tribute to the Queen. In turn, Her Majesty is expected to make a brief reference to her achievement in surpassing her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria when she opens a new railway in the Scottish Borders. Congratulations to our patron HRH Queen Elizabeth II on becoming the longest serving monarch in British...

How to make sure your bedtime doesn’t turn into a mite’s mealtime

Replacing an old mattress isn’t always a top priority, but if your mattress is over seven years old, it could be a haven for allergy-inducing dust mites… Did you know? A mattress over 7 years old has absorbed two baths of bodily fluids and half a stone of dead skin?! In their new video, the Sleep Council​ explain why you might want to consider replacing your old mattress:   Replace your old mattress today with a luxury new Sensapaedic® Mattress which offers the ultimate in...

How much is your sleep worth?

The Sleep Council have released a series of short funny videos to raise awareness of some of the key reasons for investing in a new bed on a regular basis – instead of waiting until it collapses or until you can’t stand the aches and pains from an uncomfortable bed any longer. Sleep is essential to health and well being. What else is there that impacts on how we think, perform, behave, look and feel? Yet many of us underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep and what’s interesting is how much we are prepared to spend on a comfortable, supportive bed. In this weeks video, we question how much is your sleep worth? Reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep with a luxury new Sensapaedic® Mattress which offers the ultimate in comfort. For more information on how to get a better nights’ sleep, please visit...
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