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Finally Wake Up Feeling Refreshed With An Electric Adjustable Bed

Dec 5, 2017 | Health & Wellbeing

A good nights sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle which benefits your heart, weight, mind plus much more.  As adults, we’re meant to get an average of 8 hours sleep per night, however, for many of us this can be a hard to achieve goal. It could be that you have trouble falling asleep, wake up half way through the night or find that you wake too early in the morning. If you would like to wake up feeling refreshed, read on to discover how an Electric Adjustable Bed can help you sleep better at night.

Find The Ultimate Comfy Spot

We’ve all experienced the frustration of tossing, turning and trying to find a comfortable position to lie in. One of the most effective ways to improve your sleep is by investing in an electric adjustable bed. With an electric adjustable bed, at the simple touch of a button, you can move your bed up or down to find the best position for you. This enables you to feel comfortable and experience an uninterrupted night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Pictured: Our SensapaedicMattress responds independently to your weight and body movement for a perfect night’s sleep

Temporary Positional Relief From Aches & Pains

Sometimes it can be aches and pains that disrupt your sleeping patterns. This is often due to a lack of support in the areas of your body that need it the most. Electric adjustable beds support these areas, reducing pressure by distributing your weight more evenly allowing you to wake up feeling less stiff.

Reduced Snoring 

As lovely as it can be sharing a bed with your loved one, it can really impact the quality of your sleep- especially if your partner snores. Rather than being banished them to the spare room, or you lying awake, an electric adjustable bed can help. By raising the head section of your bed to a more upright position, air is able to flow more freely, reducing snoring and giving you the sleep you need.

Sleeping Partner Friendly 

Dual electric adjustable bed bases are particularly useful for people who sleep with a partner. Having the ability to adjust the position of your mattress independently means you can move into a different position without disturbing your partner while you sleep.

Combined all these factors will help you wake up feeling refreshed & ready to face the day.

If you think you could benefit from sleeping on an electric adjustable bed, get in touch with us today or view our range of adjustable beds here. With the help of one of our beds, you could find getting to sleep much easier.

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