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How To Stay Warm In Your Adjustable Bed

Oct 24, 2018 | Advice

If you’re feeling the chill and struggling to get warm in your adjustable bed during these colder months, you aren’t alone! According to a survey by the Sleep Council, approximately half (49%) of the UK suffers from sleepless nights because of the cold. To help you out, we’ve put together some top tips for keeping you warm in your adjustable bed so you can get your much needed ZZZ’s.

Wrap Up In Your Winter Warmers

Layering up with night clothes such as pyjamas or a large T-shirt can help to keep you warm at night.

Top tip- Don’t forget your socks! They help to improve circulation in your extremities, helping you fall asleep quicker.

Keeping your feet warm can help you to stay warm in your adjustable bed

Get Some Exercise

Taking up some light exercise, such as a half hour walk, encourages your blood flow, helping to keep you feeling warm.

Top tip– Don’t exercise too close to your bed time though, as it can have the opposite effect of waking you up.

Exercising improves your circulation which can help you to stay warm in your adjustable bed

Upgrade Your Mattress

Whilst mattresses don’t create heat, different mattresses have qualities that lend themselves better to colder weather. Our Sensapaedic Mattress, for example, is a fantastic insulator. The Sensapeadic is filled with dense foam meaning little air passes through it. This not only helps to fully support your body for a comfortable night’s sleep but helps to keep you warm and cosy too.

Foam mattresses can help you to stay warm in your adjustable bed

Enjoy A Warm, Relaxing Bath

Taking a warm, relaxing bath just before you take yourself to bed can not only help you to warm up, it will make you feel tired as well. The perfect combination for falling to sleep quickly on those cool nights.

If you would like to enjoy your bath but struggle to get in or out, Easy2Bathe could help. As the name suggests, the Easy2Bathe raises you in and out of the bath safely, securely and easily. Perfect for warming you up before going to bed. Find out more here.

Dig Out Your Hot Water Bottle

Sometimes the most traditional methods of keeping warm can be the most effective. A hot water bottle is the perfect way to keep yourself warm and comfortable in your adjustable bed. Don’t forget- make sure to put a cover over it to avoid burning yourself and it going cold in the middle of the night!

Top tip– If you’d prefer an all over heat, why not treat yourself to an electric blanket?

Layer Up!

Choose a duvet with a high tog rating or use several layers of bedding. This helps to trap warm air inside and is easily removed if you get too hot.

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We hope these tips help you to feel warmer in your adjustable bed. Like to find out how an adjustable bed could improve your sleep further? Speak to one of our friendly experts today on  0800 988 2898 or request your free colour brochure here.

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