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Mobility Back Support Beds

Featuring our Sensapaedic® mattress to support a great night’s sleep

Total relaxation for the whole body, reducing pressure points, with the lower limbs aligned
with the heart allowing correct support

Head & feet raised

Sleeping with the upper body elevated can be beneficial to health and well-being, keeping your back fully supported
Ensures correct posture for a comfortable sleeping position
Sleeping with the lower body elevated can help reduce swelling in your legs, ankles and feet
This position is ideal for relaxed reading or watching television in bed

Side sleeping

Sleeping on your side elongates the spine, which helps provide relief from back pain
A popular adjustable bed sleeping position

Feet raised

Relax aching feet, legs and knees with this supportive position
Sleeping with feet raised helps reduce swelling by increasing blood flow to these areas

Contour position

This position is ideal for temporary positional relief from back pain
Ensures your body is totally and evenly supported
Elevating your legs and feet positions your lower back into the mattress, helping you relax for better sleep

Comfortable side sleeping with correct spine alignment

For people who prefer to sleep on their side, an adjustable bed can provide
the correct support for great sleep in this position as well.

Total support to the full length of the body – promoting natural positioning of the spine and reduced pressure points with the lower limbs aligned with the heart

If your bed is too firm it doesn’t support your curved spine. This causes discomfort on the pressure points of your shoulders, hips and lower legs.

If your mattress is too soft it can be very bad for your posture causing the spine to curve unnaturally. This causes pressure on your shoulders and hips with poor positioning and support of your spine.

See how The Adjustable Bed Factory helped Sharon

Mother of two Sharon suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare condition which effects her tendons, bones and skin tissue.

Sharon was experiencing disturbance to her sleep and decided it was time for her to to invest in a bed from The Adjustable Bed Factory to help her sleep better at night.

Sharon goes on to explain how beneficial the bed has become after only having it for 3 months and wishes she invested in one years ago.

Watch her video to find out more.

I wish I would have bought it years ago.  I can now get myself in a really comfortable position for sleeping which isn’t just completely flat. Now I’ve got it, i can’t believe I didn’t get it sooner!