Enjoy positional relief from arthritic and back painmedical

Do you suffer from pain or discomfort caused by back problems or arthritis whilst you are in bed?

Do you get out of bed each morning feeling tired, unrefreshed and aching?

Our adjustable beds and mattresses will ensure you are correctly supported along all points of your body, allowing you to ease your discomfort and enjoy a good night’s sleep. By adjusting the movable back and leg sections, you will be able to find just the right sleeping position for you. Improving your positional comfort may provide benefits, allowing you to temporarily enjoy some blissful relief from the misery of back ache, aching joints and arthritic pain. And did you know that you put a lot of strain on your back and joints when you get OUT of your bed? With an adjustable bed, you can raise the back of the bed right up to assist you, avoiding unnecessary load on your back and reducing the risk of any further pain or discomfort.

Experience the benefits of massage

The advantages of our built-in massage system can provide many benefits. Soothing and refreshing, we highly recommend adding it to your adjustable bed – it really is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation!

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Please note: using an adjustable bed with or without massage is not a cure for any medical conditions or chronic illness such as arthritis or back pain and you should not discontinue any current medication. If you have any concerns then contact your health care professional. Our massage system is not recommended for use with a pacemaker.