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Back Ache and Arthritis

Enjoy positional relief from arthritic and back pain

Beds, mattresses and broken sleep are a major cause of aches and pains throughout the day. Deeper, more restful sleep and less movement in bed has been shown to hugely help sore joints and aching limbs. That’s where our electric adjustable beds can help. Providing complete support to the areas that need it most, you can enjoy temporary positional relief from aches and pains.

Find your perfect sleeping position

Our adjustable beds and mattresses will ensure you are correctly supported along all points of your body, allowing you to ease your discomfort and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

By adjusting the movable back and leg sections, you will be able to find just the right sleeping position, perfect to help you enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep at last.

We now recommend that you…

Do you get out of bed each morning feeling tired, unrefreshed and aching?

Improving your positional comfort may provide benefits, allowing you to temporarily enjoy some blissful relief from the misery of back ache, aching joints and arthritic pain.

And did you know that you put a lot of strain on your back and joints when you get OUT of your bed?

With an adjustable bed, you can raise the back of the bed right up to assist you, avoiding unnecessary load on your back and reducing the risk of any further pain or discomfort.

Experience the benefits of massage

Our best selling accessory, the in-built massage system has become increasingly popular over the past few years and it’s easy to see why.

You can choose from a variety of settings helpful for those stubborn aches and pains, from the intensity of the massage to where it’s located.

Soothing and relaxing, we highly recommend adding it to your adjustable bed to help provide you with some relief.

It really is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation! Take action today

Call 0800 988 2898 and sleep better without delay!

Please note: using an adjustable bed with or without massage is not a cure for any medical conditions or chronic illness such as arthritis or back pain and you should not discontinue any current medication. If you have any concerns then contact your health care professional. Our massage system is not recommended for use with a pacemaker